New memorandum seals destruction for Greece, claims Syriza’s Left Platform

First entry: 13 July 2015 - 12:41 Athens, 09:41 GMT

Last update: 14 July 2015 01:40 Athens, 22:40 GMTPolitics

New memorandum seals destruction for Greece, claims Syriza’s Left Platform

The new bailout agreement signed by Alexis Tsipras is a humiliation for Greece, says an editorial in Iskra website which reflects the views of Syriza’s hardliners.

The article says that the agreement reestablishes and extends the guardianship of the Troika and seals “social enslavement”.

It maintains the country’s colonial status under German tutelage of the EU, it notes.

"The Greek people must not become disappointed, on the contrary it must remain stubborn, as it did in the referendum and the countrywide protests for a 'No' to the very end. A 'No' to clash with the bailout, neo-liberalism and austerity which are institutionalized in the euro zone."

On Saturday the leader of Syriza’s Left Platform, Panagiotis Lafazanis abstained from the vote in the Greek parliament.

Lafazanis' move was mirrored by a mini-rebellion of lawmakers. The revolt saw 17 deputies from the government benches withhold support in a vote to authorise bailout negotiations, leaving Tsipras reliant on opposition parties to pass the measure.

Dealing with the consequences of that revolt will provide a clear signal of how determined Tsipras will be in pushing through the reforms European partners are demanding.



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