Alexis Tsipras interview with English translation

First entry: 27 April 2015 - 23:01 Athens, 20:01 GMT

Last update: 27 April 2015 23:01 Athens, 20:01 GMTWebTV

Alexis Tsipras interview with English translation

Part One


Part Two

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Comments (4)
  • FlorenceFriday 1 May 2015, 00:54
    Long live the Greek people ! I'm amazed how : this is democracy !
    It' not in my country (France) that a prime minister would explain economy and politics in such a simple way. The Greeks are giving a lesson in democracy
    to the rest of Europ. Thank you ever so much (I'm ashamed of France).
  • Hielmi AbdurahmanTuesday 28 April 2015, 17:46
    Firstly, congratulations for TRYING to do something right for your international audience and providing the English translation to the program. However, as with so many thing here in Ellada you have totally failed to get it right. The audio level of the translation, relative to the original Greek is so low as to render it as good as useless.
  • Wayne millerTuesday 28 April 2015, 16:43
    Unfortunately the translation was much quieter that the broadcast so you could not hear the translation over the speakers voices. Thanks for the try, please do more of them but please increase the quality
  • alexandraTuesday 28 April 2015, 01:19
    the english simultaneous translation is not working!!