A Dutchman 'in control’ of the Greek government

First entry: 5 September 2015 - 18:49 Athens, 15:49 GMT

Last update: 8 September 2015 13:49 Athens, 10:49 GMTBusiness

A Dutchman 'in control’ of the Greek government

Dutch commissar Maarten Verwey will be the head of the Task Force for Greece and will have direct access to the Prime Minister’s office, says the leading report in financial weekly Agora.

The Greek government will be placed under the strict supervision of Brussels to ensure that all agreed reforms will be implemented, says the report.

Verwey, the Director General of the European Commission, will head a 20-member Task Force, which will essentially write the bills for almost all areas of government policy, from corporate income tax and labour market policy to the health and welfare system.

“Verwey’s team” will have close cooperation with the troika and will prepare interim reports during the evaluation of the economy. It could also seek the assistance of the IMF, fulfilling therefore the will of the German side for the engagement of the Fund in the third memorandum.

The paper says that indicative of the power entrusted on the Task Force is the fact that Verwey will have a direct line of communication with the Prime Minister’s office, in accordance with the wishes of Jean-Claude Juncker.

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